Eastern Iowa Junior Golf Association

Join us for a fun day of golf on Saturday, July 15th at Airport National Golf Course to support the Eastern Iowa Junior Golf Association.

Help us reach our goal of providing a FREE junior clinic the day of the event.



The Eastern Iowa Junior Golf Association was formed in 2022 to benefit and promote junior golf programs and organizations in the local area. Over the last 2 years we have raised over $14,400 towards junior golf in the area. The benefactors of the event were:

Golf does a tremendous job of teaching today's youth the rewards of hard work, determination and perseverance as well as honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. 


It is our hope that each year we can raise money for junior golf programs to assist them with supplies, new equipment, prizes, gift bags to make the junior's learning experience the best it can be. Along with this we are looking at assisting high school teams, PGA Junior League teams and starting a scholarship fund for golfers from local programs to assist with college expenses. 

Our goal for 2023 will be to host a FREE junior clinic during the tournament along with being able to provide the juniors awesome gifts to get them started on their golfing journey.


Come on out and enjoy the fun, food and some awesome prizes by registering your team today!
Aren't able to make it to the event. You can still help support us making a donation. 

Thank You to our Sponsors

"Golf is based on honesty, where else would you admit to a seven on a par three?"